About DogsEra Pet Care Pvt. Ltd.

Dogasera was established in 2015. Its purpose is to provide services and solutions for the needs of pets throughout their life. We love pets, and we believe pets make us a better person. With every connection every day, DogsEra’s passionate companions help pet parents get closer to their pets so that they can lead a more complete life.

We have made more than 50000 customers so far. We supply our product at more than 350 pet eshop across India – Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi, Kolkata, Bihar, Gujarat and more. DogsEra offers a wide range of pet food and products for competitive price. DogsEra provides unique pet services including training, pet grooming, boarding and in-store pet adoption.

DogsEra also attend dog show across India. We have attended more then 140+ dog show which organizes by Kennel Club of India. Dogsera is a leading pet specialty retailer & supplier who think about providing health and enjoyable experiences for pets and those who love them. We provide products, services, advice and experience for pet. Our product keeps pets physically fit, mentally alert, socially engaged and emotionally happy.

About Owner

shatughan dubey
Director Mr. Shatrughan Dubey

DOGs ERA PET CARE is a dream project of Owner Director Mr. Shatrughan Dubey, through which he want to offer a variety of opportunity to canine Lovers across the world. He is a pharma professional with 20 years of multinational experience. He has his expertise in training, sales, marketing & manufacturing in Pharma and Veterinary Industry. He has successfully launched over 100 products in past 2 years nationally. He is postgraduate with specialization in animal sciences and is topper of Rohilkhand University. He has worked for 15 years with Pfizer India and successfully trained and developed people. He has developed many high performing teams and people trained by him are successful professionals in different fields. Due to his hard work and dedication Pfizer has awarded him “Award of excellence”.

He is also Director with The Professional Gurukul – A Professional Training Company

The Professional Gurukul is formed to give a platform to youngsters to shape their careers. This Gurukul is a job oriented academy where we groom people on different areas like Pharma, Sales, Marketing, Leadership development, Grooming, Interpersonal skills, Professional Courses on dog grooming and Dog training.

He is also a passionate dog lover and had made India proud in PUGS by showing his dogs in India, USA , Canada,Thailand, Philipines & Korea. He is associated with dog shows for last 10 years and has exhibited Great Dane, Labrador and Pugs at different dog shows across the country. He has got privilege to breed his pugs in association with 2 reputed kennels of World, St-Hubert kennel -Thailand and Xoe’s Kennel – Canada.

His Dogs have won many reputed Placements in KCI Shows like- Best In Show, Best In Specialty Show, Best Puppy In Show and Best In Show-Bred In India. He is proud to own. The best Pug Male ODIE (MBIS.MBISS.BPIS.Multi.Country Champion.Am.Grand Ch.Hu-Chu-JK-Ode To the Past) and Best Pug Female SKIPPER (Can.Thai.Ind.Ch.JK-Miss-USA Boo Tu Ful at St.Hubert) in India. His Pug Male Odie is No-1 Pug, No-1 Toy Dog and No-10 All Breed Dog in India for the year 2013-2014. His pug Odie has been India’s No.1 Pug for three years and has the highest wins in India Pug History.

Kennel Registration- His 1st Kennel was registered by the name of MAMTA DANES, but due to his inclination in toy breed he got it changed to TINYTOYS KENNEL.

DogsEra PET CARE is my dream project, through which I want to offer a variety of opportunity to canine Lovers across the world. I am a passionate dog Lover, Breeder and Exhibitor. I am Doctorate from BHU and come from the spiritual capital of India, Varanasi but professionally settled at Agra. My father is retired HOD from BHU and mother is spiritual lady devoted totally to Prayers and Kashi.

I come from a back ground where Dogs where never kept nor allowed to enter the home. So I never realized there companionship till I got married. After marriage my husband suddenly bought a Pet Quality Great Dane. It was the biggest surprise of my life, I was very scared and upset as Dogs had never been in life nor I had ever touched a Dog. I objected this to my full potential and finally by evening a decision was taken to return back the Dog to the breeder. And finally I won the dog was send back.

I was happy and very proud that finally I got rid of the Dog. But the next morning something was changed, a change in me, a sense of getting something lost, a sense of bonding towards a livestock. We did not have our own Kids at that time, But this Dane puppy in just few hours of its stay had left a contagious feel of love and belongingness.

I felt that I have lost something and the house was looking empty without that dog. Then I myself requested my husband, to take back that dog home. This is how our journey with dogs started and still we are enjoying their companionship for last 10 years.

Professionally we got our 1st Kennel Registered in my name “MAMTA DANE KENNEL” but later my husband love with pugs got it changed to “TINYTOYS KENNEL”. Under Tinytoys Kennel we had shown and bred some of the top pugs nationally and internationally. Skippper, Angelina, Odie, Superhero , Oden, Aisha are few pugs to name. DogsEra is my dream project and I am passionately working to the best of my potential to make DogsEra a grand successes.

DogsEra is a complete basket for all dog Lovers. Under DogsEra we are doing following business-

  • On Line Canine Shopping for All Dog Lovers
  • One to One direct Marketing to Vet Drs and Pet Shops through Field VSOs.
  • Selling and Buying of Puppies through our Puppy Bank.
  • Professional Dog Photography
  • Professional Dog Grooming and Dog Training.
  • I was happy and very proud that finally I got rid of the Dog. But the next morning something was changed, a change in me a sense of getting something lost a sense of bonding

Fortunately my Husband and my 2 kids Divyansh and Divya are also passionate dog lovers. I firmly believe that one must either not keep dogs and if he does, he must consider them as family member and must do all their best efforts to keep them healthy and hearty. I make sure they are fed on time, cleaned well, Groomed well, exercise adequately and must stay in proper hygiene. If any puppy is placed we ensure that it goes in safe hands and with good show homes. Pugs Lab and Great Danes are some of my favorite breeds.

I wish all Dog Lovers all the very best and request to support to our DogsEra. We are committed to provide the best of canine services and always open to feed backs and innovation

mamta dubey
Dr. Mamta Dubey